The Ohio State quarterback room just got a little deeper and in many eyes more complicated as it has been learned that Southlake (Texas) Carroll high school and No. 1 overall recruit for the class of 2022 Quinn Ewers is now going to enroll immediately at Ohio State as a member of the class of 2021. A source close to the situation confirmed this decision to earlier on Monday.

This immediate enrollment means that Ewers will be able to take part in Ohio State’s fall football camp, a camp that starts this week but there is no indication as of yet when Ewers may take the field.

This now gives the Buckeyes four quarterbacks on scholarship in camp who have not attempted a collegiate pass as Jack Miller and CJ Stroud played understudy to Justin Fields last season and with the addition of class of 2020 quarterback Kyle McCord along with Ewers.

News of this potential move by Ewers were brought to light in a Yahoo exclusive by Pete Thamel where the Ewers family stated that the opportunity to earn from the new Name, Image, Likeness legislation was part of the decision. As a high school player in the state of Texas, that was not an option available to him while as a college player at Ohio State, he would have the ability to earn.

The timing of the decision to enroll now will put Ewers behind the other three quarterbacks initially as all three players have had the benefit of at least one offseason with the Buckeyes while Stroud and Miller have been in the program for more than a year and each played in games last season, even if they did not attempt a pass.

It does create interesting dynamics in terms of spacing between the four quarterbacks with all four being freshman eligibility due to the COVID year last season not counting against the oldest two quarterbacks and both McCord and Ewers being considered true freshmen.

This also will start Ewers’ clock for the NFL, which requires three years removed from high school, so he technically could be draft eligible after the 2023 season, which will speed up Ohio State’s pursuit for quarterbacks in the classes of 2023 and beyond.

There had been concerns along the way about holding on to Ewers, the top-rated quarterback of the class of ’22, as other programs would make him a prime target. By enrolling at Ohio State, he is locked in, at least for this season but the question comes up about what does this mean for any of the quarterbacks in terms of the transfer portal with just one quarterback on the field at a time and four quarterbacks that were either ranked as four or five-stars coming out of high school.

It is safe to presume that Ewers would maintain his five-star ranking being moved into the class of 2021 for the Buckeyes. That would give Ohio State five five-star members for the class including J.T. Tuimoloau, Jack Sawyer, Donovan Jackson and Emeka Egbuka.

We will have more on this breaking news as it becomes available.

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