Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says the sport’s third sprint event will be held in Brazil this year and he wants more of them in 2022.

The first such event was held at Silverstone this year, including the addition of an extra sprint race awarding bonus points on Saturday. Domenicali said it was greeted by an “overwhelmingly positive feedback from the teams, drivers and fans.”

“We will continue to discuss any lessons learnt from the tournament with the teams, but the fundamentals are strong,” he added in a Liberty Media investor call yesterday. “We believe this can be expanded in 2022.”

The first appearance of the format at the British Grand Prix will be followed by two more sprint rounds later this year.

“The idea was to offer something different in order to make sure that there was something new that we can offer to all the stakeholders in Formula 1,” Domenicali explained. “We have said that we wanted to do three tests. One has been done at Silverstone. Another one will be in Monza and the other one will be at the end of the season in Brazil.

“At the end of this complete test we’re going to have a plan to see what will be the next step.”

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The first running of the sprint format was “dramatically positive”, said Domenicali. “The response that we have both from the drivers, from the teams, the media has been really positive. And also for the promoter because if you think that every day we had something new to say. People coming to the track on Friday were already [anticipating] the first qualifying.”

The sport has attracted a new sponsor,, as the sponsor of its 2021 ‘sprint series’. Domenicali said this demonstrated the format is already making a positive financial contribution to the sport.

“Therefore there has been, if I may say, a good sign, a very, very, very positive sign.

“We want to respect what we said. We’re going to have a full debriefing at the end of the season. We have a plan for the future, of course, we are developing that, we are fine-tuning [based on] some of the comments that we received.”

Domenicali reiterated the sprint format will not be used at every round, but they are looking to introduce other “special awards” at certain races “to offer and add to the already incredible platform of Formula 1.”

“So it’s very, very positive comments after the first exercise and [we’re] ready to prepare at the end of the three event a proposal that will bring home what we can see,” he added. “Hopefully it will be a big step that’s a different future for Formula 1, also in a sporting proposition.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said at Silverstone F1 should have no more than four sprint qualifying events per season.

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