In the round-up: Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali isn’t concerned by disagreements between their drivers and strategists during races.

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Ferrari happy with strategy procedure

After Carlos Sainz Jnr queried one of Ferrari’s strategy calls during the Hungarian Grand Prix, Domenicali said he is happy for the team’s drivers to raise doubts over their tactics mid-race.

“I think these are not misjudgements, these are good conclusions that we are reaching together,” he said. “So it’s our way of approaching having an open discussion on the radio and making sure that in certain conditions we are reaching the right conclusion.

“Overall I think this year we have always good strategies which have been applied. And that’s not only thanks to the strategists but thanks to the contribution of the drivers which are the ones driving the car and knowing perfectly the conditions around the track.

“So I don’t think it’s a misjudgement because the final call has been done by the strategists. The driver has suggested what was his impression being there, we reviewed our simulation or our evaluations and we concluded that was the right choice. So overall I’m happy with the way that this communication is working.”

Bourdais fumes after being hit by Ericsson

Sebastien Bourdais was unimpressed with Marcus Ericsson after being taken out of a race for the third time this year. Ericsson launched off the back of Bourdais’ car when the pair made contact at the first restart in yesterday’s race.

“There was a massive acceleration, everybody trying to pack up,” Bourdais explained. “I don’t know why, it seems like always acceleration leading to starts and restarts. Which, obviously, if you just get your eyes off or if you’re not focused or something you can get caught out real easy.

“That’s exactly what happened again. Everybody was trying to catch up, we caught the tail of the pack and then all of a sudden it goes like fist, second gear speed and Marcus just flew right over our car. It stopped, the cars were stopped in front of me.”

Told Ericsson complained he had slowed down, Bourdais said: “I won’t go even there because I don’t want to be a douche but if that’s his answer then he needs to fricking get a real good, hard look at it.”

Ericsson was given a stop-go penalty for the collision. He is still running in the race, which was approaching half-distance as the round-up was published.

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