In the round-up: Pierre Gasly says teams missed a trick by not having anyone advise their drivers on the track conditions before the restart at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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Hungary tyre choice was “very obvious” – Gasly

Gasly believes drivers missed an opportunity by heading out to restart the Hungarian Grand Prix on intermediate tyres. All the drivers bar Lewis Hamilton immediately came in to switch to slicks, but Gasly said they should have realised before leaving the pits that intermediates were the wrong rubber.

“It was very, very obvious because the track is very dark so as soon as the sun [comes] out, it dries very fast.

“Actually it’s maybe something where we should have risked to go outside with the medium [slick]. When everybody boxed, we should have taken the start with the medium.”

In other series teams have used ‘spotters’ to advise their drivers on changes in track conditions and other incidents around the circuit.

“It’s something we need to do better,” Gasly continued. “If we had a spotter around the track, someone would have told us the track is completely dry. It was completely dry, so I’m surprised no one did it but it was a very obvious choice.”

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