In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner sees no need to change the budget cap rules to help teams pay for crash damage.

In brief

Steiner rejects call for crash compensation

After Ferrari suffered £2.1 million of crash damage over the first 11 races of the season, team principal Mattia Binotto suggested teams should be given exemptions from the budget cap to pay for crash damage not caused by their own drivers. But Haas team principal Guenther Steiner, whose team have also suffered several costly crashes this year, does not agree.

“We need to live with that, we need to budget for this,” said Steiner. “We need to be flexible enough, that’s good management.

“Because then all of a sudden, if we have less crashes, do we bring it down again, the budget cap? So we adjust it for how many crashes you’ve got?

“I think it’s part of racing and will be part of how much risk you take in a race and whatever you do. It’s part of racing, the crashes. You cannot adjust the budget regulation [based] on how many crashes you’ve got. For me it doesn’t make any change is needed on this one.”

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